I just held the camera and pressed the button. Nature did all the rest...

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Welcome to this website created from a very simple idea : getting to share with you some of the images that I gathered among the past few years, both underwater or simply by traveling « Around The Blue World »…

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Equipment I use

The first thing you learn about photography is that what makes a good picture has very little to do with the price of equipment. However, when it turns to underwater photography for example, it tends to be very different…

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Recent Works

Alor 2016 Zoom in Read more

Alor 2016

Mexico 2015 Zoom in Read more

Mexico 2015

Jardines de la Reina 2014 Zoom in Read more

Jardines de la Reina 2014

Supermacro 2013 Zoom in Read more

Supermacro 2013

South Africa 2013 Zoom in Read more

South Africa 2013

Saitis barbipes Zoom in Read more

Saitis barbipes

Maldives 2013 Zoom in Read more

Maldives 2013

Fabregas 2011 Zoom in Read more

Fabregas 2011

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